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3rd September 2009

ryoske_kt8:29am: "God damned tacos... I'm tired."

8th June 2009

anfadh12:43am: QOTD
A well-placed penis is extremely funny.

7th April 2009

abductedsed5:42pm:  Per my friend Aaron, "I was describing vermont to someone the other day, and I said the following: "We want married gay people to have guns."

17th February 2009

dv8dragonfly3:54pm: Farpoint
"What a coincidence! Bra is my favorite color!"

"Cheese package!"

"You don't have to be good, you just have to try."

"GRAB MY PACKAGE!! Por favor, eh?"

"The Kobold tried to take Clark's baby!"

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5th July 2008

anfadh10:02am: QOTD - A Doubleshot
"Suck my cock".
"You don't have a cock".
"My metaphorical cock".


"Fireworks have crackers for lunch"

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Current Mood: amused

25th June 2008

dv8dragonfly9:27pm: Cake or ....
Mmmmm, divorce cake. You can just taste the irreconcilable differences.

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27th May 2008

anfadh9:35am: Yay For Memorial Day
"I have a toy stuck in my head".

"A WHAT?!"

"A toy".

"Oh good - I thought you said ass. And knowing you two, I didn't see anything weird about that".

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16th May 2008

abductedsed10:17pm: QOTN

I can't find the hole, I had it. Now it's gone.

1st March 2008

anfadh2:25am: QOTD
" I feel for Dave having to do my butt this weekend too!"

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25th February 2008

anfadh9:28am: QOTD
"I don't need a parsnip for my penis. Or a carrot for my cock".

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14th February 2008

dv8dragonfly12:57pm: "My menstrual cycle fails at life."

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Current Mood: sick

30th January 2008

dv8dragonfly1:08am: "So basically, when I'm drunk, I don't remember anything if I can't see it."
"What are you, a parrot?"

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Current Mood: amused

7th January 2008

abductedsed9:03pm: I'm sorry, I can't do this.

Your just not that good.

9th November 2007

anfadh9:55pm: QOTN
"I'm not as drunk as I am now!"

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28th October 2007

anfadh9:27pm: QOTD
"Dave - I need you in the bathroom. There are some pink bits I can't reach. Damn...never thought I'd say that to my brother".

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Current Mood: drained

6th September 2007

dv8dragonfly7:12pm: Dad?
"That's about as funny as a broken god-damn dick."

- My father

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Current Mood: amused

23rd August 2007

dv8dragonfly11:09am: "I think terrorists have a limited interest in vinyl, Keith. I don't know, I could be wrong."

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Current Mood: fearing the terrorists....

24th May 2007

dv8dragonfly9:18pm: "It's so strange because I've never been dumped by someone I wasn't dating before."

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Current Mood: contemplative

25th April 2007

insegnante6:56am: "Salary is eventually applied against you, ju-jitsu style."

24th April 2007

dv8dragonfly2:25am: "And then I accidentally almost killed you."

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6th February 2007

dv8dragonfly2:54am: MDFOF Dinner and Super Bowl at Baby Dave's
"I sold a Mexican a car nicer than that, and it didn't have a windshield!"

"It's like a boy band gone horribly wrong."

"Slay a vagina like King Arthur?"

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31st January 2007

dv8dragonfly1:21am: "It's still gay if it's dead!"

"It's not tight, it's friendly."

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10th January 2007

mitzytipsy8:55am: ROFLMAO! I couldn't pass this up...
I saw this on someones car this morning.

"Politcians and Diapers
Need to be changed
For the same reason"
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dv8dragonfly12:48am: More of a conversation, really...
But too funny not to pass on.

"So what are your intentions regarding my pants?"
"Basically, my intention would be to get into them. But I don't know. I never know if you are in a relationship or not."
"Oh, that doesn't matter.... God, that sounds bad. I mean, I'm ALWAYS in a relationship."
"So it doesn't matter?"
"Okay, then, I never know how your relationship status pertains to your availability. Better?"

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17th December 2006

ryoske_kt2:41pm: "It's so stupid!!! But I can't stop playing it!!!"
Current Mood: amused
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